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Auditor Bump’s vision for the Office of the State Auditor is to bring accountability and modernization to state government operations. She has helped agencies and programs effectively deliver services with greater transparency and with more efficiency. She has also looked out for the most vulnerable by strengthening the social safety net.

Since taking office, the Auditor has identified more than $1.3 billion in savings, inefficiencies, misspending and fraud—that’s nearly $190 per Massachusetts resident.

When Auditor Bump took over the office, it was failing the National State Auditor’s Association peer review standards. In two subsequent reviews, it passed with the highest rating. Additionally, the office has received multiple national awards for its work, including National State Auditor’s Association’s Excellence in Accountability award. Because of the high caliber of the office’s work, Auditor Bump was invited to serve on the Domestic Working Group of the U.S. General Comptroller, who also runs the U.S. Accountability Office.

Auditor Bump is making government work better and is committed to increasing accountability, modernizing government and strengthening the social safety net throughout her third term.

Increasing Accountability

Suzanne Bump has been holding government agencies and elected officials accountable to the taxpayers through audits, studies and reports.

  • Keeping the Public Safe from Dangerous Citizens: A 2017 audit determined that the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) did not have a current address for 1,769 convicted sex offenders, 936 of which had never even been classified. Auditor Bump called for a change of culture at SORB, and demanded that it use all of its powers to protect the public. Press Coverage.
  • Identifying Wasted Spending at MassHealth: In numerous audits of this vital and expensive program, Auditor Bump has detailed failures in managing care and costs and in detecting provider fraud. These audits have produced improvements and have saved millions of dollars. One audit alone identified over half a billion dollars in inappropriate and unnecessary spending. Press Coverage.
  • Looking Out for Children: The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has been shortchanged in its budget and plagued by management issues for years. Auditor Bump’s audit found significant deficiencies, such as: incomplete records of the background checks on individuals living in foster homes and insufficient training, management and technological resources for caseworkers. The Auditor also found that DCF wasn’t collaborating with its sister agencies effectively. Press Coverage.

Modernizing Government

As Auditor, Suzanne Bump is working to ensure that state government keeps pace with technological innovation in order to improve operations and services for taxpayers.

  • Using Data to Enhance Auditing: Auditor Bump has developed multiple innovative data analytics tools that have made the Massachusetts Auditor’s office a national leader. One such tool won the National Association of Chief Information Officer’s State Recognition Award. It has enabled her office to more readily identify areas of risk in government. Press Coverage.
  • Increasing Cyber Security: Auditor Bump created the IT audit unit to identify opportunities and potential threats to cyber security. One such audit found many weaknesses in IT security at the Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority.
  • Finding Solutions for Regional School Districts: The Auditor’s Division of Local Mandates also aids municipal governments. One recent report recommended changes in how regional school districts are financed and governed, processes that have not changed in decades and are resulting in unique challenges for these schools and their students. Press Coverage.

Strengthening the Social Safety Net

Auditor Bump’s office has been working to ensure public benefits are not going to those who are not entitled to them, while at the same time, she is working to make sure benefits reach those who truly need them.

  • Stopping Public Benefits Fraud: From food assistance to medical care, public benefits play an important role in Massachusetts and in the lives of its residents. Auditor Bump insisted that these programs operate with integrity and directed her office to identify abuse and fraud. Each year, the Auditor’s office combs through public benefits data. In 2016, Bump identified a record $15.4 million in public benefits fraud. Press Coverage.
  • Connecting Veterans to Services: The Auditor is working to bring to light the barriers that prohibit Massachusetts residents from accessing benefits for which they are eligible. In an audit of the Department of Veterans’ Services, the Auditor provided recommendations to improve outreach to veterans who may qualify for benefits and assistance from the agency. Press Coverage.
  • Restoring Integrity at Key Departments: A 2013 audit of the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) detailed millions of dollars in questionable benefits, inadequate security over blank electronic benefit cards (EBT cards), and a need for improved fraud detection. The audit resulted in the state welfare agency creating an action plan to enhance its program integrity and restore public confidence. Press Coverage.