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I have dedicated the majority of my professional life to public service, first as a State Representative, then serving in the administration of Governor Deval Patrick, and now as State Auditor. I believe in government and its responsibility to advance societal and economic progress.

To accomplish that, it must have the confidence of the people it serves. That is why government accountability is so important to me.

My passion is finding root causes of delays and inefficiencies, and then making government work better. The dedicated staff at the Office of the State Auditor makes that happen every day.

The reality is that a bad outcome in government service typically results from outmoded procedures, inadequate training, a lack of resources, or other systemic failures. Those are the hurdles we must overcome, and I am committed to continuing this effort into my third term.

The Office of the State Auditor is ending the status quo and bringing the state into the 21st century. Let’s work together to continue this progress.

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Suzanne M. Bump is Auditor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is the first woman to serve in this role in the state’s history.

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